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We are a local Orlando brick and mortar company with the brand, marketing and communications knowledge to take your company into the full digital word, to compete and outperform your competition using Mobile, Social, Search and online Advertising.

Update Your Website

Should you update your site? Should you update your site? Search engines love and thrive on the dedication to rich, well-formed content. To optimize your site Structuring your content with HTML tags makes it easier to find in Web searches and more relevant to what your users are seeking. Let us help you find the best qualified visitors at the right time, at the right place.

Update Your Site

The Mobile Web

The Mobile Web is changing the world. Your sites mobile performance is now directly related to your online performance. Does your site have the “mobile-friendly” label next to your search result? If you take pride in your product or your service - if you pride yourself on great customer service - why not give them a great web experience on their phone. take the Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Dominate The Mobile Web

The Social Web

The information web is being overtaken by the Social Web. What is the Social Web - it is Facebook (1.71 billion monthly active users in the third quarter of 2012), Twitter (the microblogging service averages 313 million monthly active users), Google plus (111 million users that have active profiles) LinkedIn (450 million users) , Foursquare (65 million users). Yelp has had 108 Million reviews. Let The Digiblender connect you, your site and your products and services to this Social Web.

Social Marketing

Online Advertising

Companies use online advertising because it works and it provides a return on investment. Now the small boys can easily beat the big boys!.

Google AdWords

Website Statistics

What do you know about the people that visit your site. Which buttons are the most clicked buttons. Which page is the most popular? Which adds work the best for your site.

Website Analytics

Our Portfolio

View a list of the things we can do for you and view some of the clients which we have have proven that The New Web works and can take your business to the next step.

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Why Choose Us

We make sure that we fully understand and identify your business objectives before we start production. We are a highly experienced professional team that specialise in delivering high-end web solutions, Search Engine Optimisation masterminds. We design, develop and host, handling all of your online requirements in one efficient place. We deliver on time and on budget. We are designers, web marketing consultants, communications IT people and we are passionate about the Web.

Our Portfolio

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